Adoptees are individuals or organizations who have committed
to assist in the maintenance of a particular portion of a trail.
We appreciate these people and groups who are helping to keep
the Cumberland Trail in tip-top condition!
  • Cumberland Mountain Segment – Tank Spring Trailhead to Bruce Gap Trailhead
    • Eagle Bluff Trail – Tank Spring to Devil’s Racetrack – Boy Scout Troop 622 (Cumberland Ditransitional) of LaFollette, since ’97, Jeffery Riggs
    • Bruce Gap to Devil’s Racetrack – Jerry & Sharon Phillips of Jacksboro, since ’03
    • Volunteer Loop – Cove Lake Chapter of TTA, since ’02
  • New River Segment – Bruce Gap trailhead to New River
    • Bruce Gap trailhead to Red Ash Bridge – Ed & Faith Dippold
    • Bruce Gap to Red Ash Bridge – Pack 623, Webelos Den 3, Rick Stogdill
    • Red Ash Bridge to top of Cross Mtn. – Troop 131 of Clinton, Paul Gore
    • Top of Cross Mountain to Bruce Ridge – Richard Helm of Caryville, since ’01
    • Big Bruce Ridge to #10 Coal Rd – Michael Anthony #10 Coal Rd to Montgomery Fork, including campsite
    • Montgomery Fork to Green’s Branch – Open for adoption
    • Green’s Branch to New River – Open for adoption
    • Smoky Creek to the ridge of Arch Mountain – Hal Hoyt of Oak Ridge Unitarian Church-Adventure Group
  • Frozen Head Segment

    • Frozen Head Segment – James Conley, Neal Richardson, and Mike Taylor
    • Frozen Head Connector Trail – Volley Ball court to Ross Gap – Tim Carroll, Cub Scout Pack 328
  • Obed Wild and Scenic River Segment – Devil’s Breakfast Table to Nemo Bridge
    • Devils Breakfast Table Trailhead to the Rain House – John Bilbrey of Kingston, since ’98
    • Rain House to Turkey Creek Bridge – Open for adoption
    • Turkey Creek Bridge to BreakAway Bluff Obed Overlook – Kirk & Sherrill Wilson, since ’02
    • BreakAway Bluff to Alley Ford – Geography Graduate Students of UT-Del Scruggs, since ’98
    • BreakAway Bluff to Alley Ford – Leroy Leonard of Knoxville
    • Nemo Bridge Trail to Alley Ford – Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning, since ’98, led by Jimmy Groton
    • Obed section to Alley Ford – Fran Wallis
    • Grassy Cove Segment – Jewett Road to Black Mountain Trailhead
    • Black Mountain Loop Trail – Cheryl Heckler, TTA Plateau Chapter
    • New Black Mountain trail to Windless Cave – Pam Griffin, Boy Scout Troop 271
    • Brady Mountain Trail, Hwy 68 to Jewett Road – Open for adoption
  • Stinging Fork Segment
    • Stinging Fork Segment – Red Young
  • Piney River Segment – Trailhead on Shut-In Gap Road to Newby Branch Forest Camp
    • Shut-In Gap Road Trailhead to Newby Branch Forest Camp – Mary & Luke Myers, and Clarence Walker
    • Piney River Segment – Nils Stengel, and David Beckler
  • Laurel-Snow Segment
    • Entire Laurel-Snow Segment – Nashville Hiking Meet-Up
  • Rock Creek Segment
    • Lower Leggett Trailhead to Retro Hughes Trailhead – Brandy Selman and Jan Agee
  • Possum Creek Segment – Retro Hughes Road to Heiss Mountain Road
    • Heiss Mtn. Rd. Trailhead to Big Possum Creek – Caroline Woerner of Signal Mt., since ’03, Soddy Daisy Chapter
    • Big Possum Creek to Little Possum Creek – Pete Wotowiec – Scout Troop
    • Little Possum Creek to Imodium Falls – Ed Swanner – Soddy Daisy Chapter
    • Imodium Falls to Concrete Bridge – Pete Wotowiec and Chris Concrete
    • Bridge to Retro Hughes Road – Bobby Newsom, Boodie Fox, Boodie Fox, and Gary Selcer
  • Soddy Creek Segment – Mowbray Rd. to Hwy 111 plus Hotwater Rd. Connector Trail
    • Mowbray Rd trailhead to connector trail + connector trail – Mark Roeser
    • Sluder Lane trailhead to main trailhead to Hotwater Rd crossing – Don & Carol Deakins
    • Hotwater Road to Deep Creek – Soddy Daisy Chapter, Bob McGavock, Brandy M. Selman, Nancy Jo Ogozalek, Teresa & Mark Jordan, Earl Helmer,Jane & Ed Ellett, Bob DeHart, George Bonneau, and Janice L. Agee
    • Deep Creek to 3 Bridges section in Board Camp – T. C. and Judy Varner
    • TN HWY 111 road walk to the first of three bridges in Board Camp – St. Andrew’s Sewanee School, Sewanee, TN
  • North Chickamauga Segment

    • North Chickamauga Segment – Johnny Sullivan, Missy, Scott, Sarah & Thomas McDonald, Mike & Erin Jaynes
  • Tennessee River Gorge Segment – Signal Point to Hwy 27
    • Signal Point to Edwards Point – David Ayers of Georgia, since ’99
    • Edwards Point to the suspension bridge over N. Suck Creek – Tennessee River Gorge Trust, since ’96, & Bob Crawford of Hixon, since ’01
    • North Suck Creek to Hwy 27 – Gregg Baird

All segments are available for adoption, and one segment can be adopted by several adoptees.  Please to see a list of all open segments of the Cumberland Trail and the trail description.  If you would like to Adopt-A-Trail please contact our office at (931)456-6259 or email for more information on how you can get involved.

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