Volunteer Time Sheets Available:

Click HERE to print out form and keep track of your monthly volunteer hours. Mail or scan and email to the CTC office at CTCoffice2014@gmail.com.  Keeping a record of all volunteer hours is important for funding grant applications.  We love our volunteers.  Here’s what’s going on . . .

Lots Going On For 2017 :

Volunteer Anytime !

Our regular trail crews love company . . . and help. Normally they work Wednesday through Friday starting at 7:30 AM Central Time for the Central Crew and 7:30 AM Eastern Time for the Southern Crew.  Call the office to get directions and location details.  Call 931-456-6259 or ctcoffice2014@gmail.com

Basic Trail Design Class November 4, 2017

Intro to trail Building Class November 11

The Cumberland Trails Conference continues sponsorship of classes on trail design and construction.  On Saturday November 4 from 9 to 1 PM Central an introduction to Trail Design Class will be held in the woods near the Cumberland County Playhouse in Crossville.

An Introduction to Trail Design class on November 11 will make use of the design work from the previous class to teach fundamentals of trail construction. There is no cost for these classes, but class size is limited.

Class are hands-on, in the woods activity working a real section of trail.  Design students will learn about the behavior of water on a trail, the “half-rule,” how to “read” land forms, standards for turns and switchbacks, how to use a clineometer and MUCH more.

The classes are free but registration is required.  Tools are provided.  Participants need to bring lunch, water, gloves, sturdy shoes and bug spray. Design students should bring a notebook.  Contact the Cumberland Trails Conference for registration and directions for either date at, ctcoffice2014@gmail.com or 931 456 6259.      For more information about hiking the Cumberland trail go to: www.cumberlandtrail.org/maps-and-guides/   

Spring Big Dig: six weeks starting May 3

Spring Big Dig work says are Wednesday thru Saturday.  Work will continue south from Devil’s’ Breakfast Table and also making the connection between Ozone Falls and Black Mountain. Contact your local hiking, church or civic group to volunteer for a day or a few days.  Accommodations available near-by complements of the CTC. For more information and daily locations contact the CTC office: 931-456-6259 or ctcoffice2014@gmail.com.


Sign Up for 2017 BreakAway /ASB !

2017 BreakAway is March 4 to April 1 near Dayton, TN.

BreakAway / Alternative Spring Break is in our 22nd year!  Set aside some time in March to work with over 160 college students on the trail !  To confirm your participation contact the CTC Office 931-456-6259 or ctcoffice2014@gmail.com.

We need to know what days (or weeks) you will be volunteering so we can arrange for accommodations and meals.

161 students will be with us throughout the month of March.  Students arrive Sunday.  Sunday evening after dinner is an orientation for students followed by a briefing for WagonMasters and local volunteers.

We expect to leave camp at 8 AM EASTERN TIME.  Work week is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for the students.  Work will continue on Wednesday for local volunteers and paid crew.

Students ! For details and what to bring check here:

  Learn more about BreakAway.

  > > >      Who Is Coming for 2017  ?     < < <

Students are  coming from Florida, Delaware, Michigan, Boston, Pittsburgh, Kansas, New York, Alabama, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Colorado. Contact Marianne at the CTC Office for more information 931-456-6259 or ctcoffice2014@gmail.com

As always, contact the CTC Office for information and questions at 931-456-6259 or ctcoffice2014@gmail.com


Special WagonMaster Training at BreakAway

Date: Wednesday, March 8th 9AM to 1PM Eastern Time

Location: Fort Bluff camp near Dayton, TN

Duff removal demonstration, Wagonmaster training

Prospective leaders learn how to run a crew and instructional techniques during a WagonMaster training session, 2014. (Deakins)

WagonMaster Leadership training will be held Wednesday, March 8 at Fort Bluff.  Training will run from 9AM to 1 PM Eastern time.

All CTC Volunteers are invited to attend this important session. This hands-on session focuses on becoming a better leader of volunteer trail building teams. Covers how to teach basic trail building skills, safety, terminology, assessing crew strengths and technical skills.  Beyond the basics; armoring, water crossings and rock work techniques are covered.

Meet in front of the dining hall at 9AM Eastern, March 8.

Registration is requested. Contact the CTC office:  931-456-6259 or ctcoffice2014@gmail.com

Take your skills beyond trail building.


Trail Building 101 Course at Fort Bluff

Sunday, March 5 from 10AM to 2PM Eastern

An essential, hands-on course in building a sustainable hiking trail. Under the guidance  of Master Trail Builders, participants will work through every aspect of trail building from corridor clearing to final grooming. Topics include an introduction to trail design concepts, safety, the behavior of water, step over crossings, climbing turns, armoring and rock work fundamentals. Students learn how to make to most of trail building tools to get more done with less effort.  The class will be building actual full bench trail and see how the “fifty-percent” rule prevents trail washouts. Students learn the “zipper-method” of duff removal, the importance of cutting a proper back slope, how to “grub-out” stumps and simple rock work.  Participants will gain a better appreciation for how water and hikers work against a trail and the techniques that make a trail sustainable with little or no maintenance.

There is no charge for the class, but registration is required. Directions below. Call or email the CTC office to register: 931-456-6259 or ctcoffice2014@gmail.com

Base Camp Location –

From Nashville and Points West

From I-40E take the Highway 127 Exit in Crossville.  Go all the way through Crossville; at the fork take 127 S into Pikeville. Drive all the way through town; turning left onto Highway 30E for twelve miles to State Road 443 West – NOT EAST – (Ogden Road). Turn right and drive one mile to the Fort Bluff Camp entrance on the left and follow the signs to the office.

From Knoxville and Points North

From I-40, take I-75S to Exit #49 (Athens/Decatur). Turn right and drive for 28.5 miles into Dayton to the top of the mountain. Turn left onto State Road 443 West – NOT EAST – (Ogden Road). Drive one mile to the Fort Bluff Camp entrance on the left and follow the signs to the office.

From Atlanta and South

Drive north on I-75 to Chattanooga, TN. Take exit #4 (Highway 153) for twelve miles; turn right onto 27N, then drive 28 miles into Dayton. At traffic light #7 turn left onto Highway 30W. Drive for 4.8 miles to the top of the mountain. Turn left onto State Road 443 West – NOT EAST – (Ogden Road). Drive one mile to the Fort Bluff Camp entrance on the left and follow the signs to the office.

Email for more information ctcoffice2014@gmail.com or call the office at (931)456-6259



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