The Piney River Trailhead, which is the northern terminus of the Piney River Segment, will one day also be the southern terminus of The Falls Segment. This segment of the CT as yet has no designated route but will likely travel up Soak Creek Gorge past Hinch Mountain to Jewett Road to connect with the Grassy Cove Segment, a distance of 13.4 miles estimated by on-the-ground scouting.

As the trail passes through Soak Creek Gorge, there will be an access trail of 1.4 miles, again estimated by scouting, that will lead to Stinging Fork Falls State Natural Area. The 1.1 miles of trail in the SNA make up the only constructed trail in The Falls Segment at this time.

Stinging Fork Falls Trail: The trail starts at the gravel parking area on Shut-in Gap Road. This 2 mile round trip trail is rated moderate and leads the hiker through a managed pine plantation into the 140-acre Bowater Stinging Fork Pocket Wilderness.

At one half (1/2) mile, a spur trail leads to Indian Head Point, which affords a scenic overlook of the rugged Stinging Fork Gorge. The length of the spur to Indian Head Point is one tenth (760 feet) mile.  After this intersection, the trail then continues and descends into the gorge and on up the creek. The trail ends at the plungepool of the scenic 35-foot falls. The hiker must retrace his steps to return to the parking area.

Although this segment is in Eastern time, hikers at higher elevations may find their cell phones picking up signals from towers in Central time.

Stinging Fork segment

Stinging Fork segment (click to enlarge). Map courtesy of Don Deakins.

Trail conditions for this segment.

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