About the Cumberland Trails Conference

The Cumberland Trails Conference (CTC) is an independent, membership based 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation. Created in early 1997, the mission of the Cumberland Trails Conference is to build, acquire funding for, and promote the Cumberland Trail, under the auspices of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). In addition to hiking, the Cumberland Trail helps to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Tennessee, conserve natural resources, provide educational and recreational opportunities, and connect local communities. The Cumberland Trails Conference achieves its mission through the efforts of  volunteers, and from financial support from membership fees, grants and donations from various foundations, state and federal grants, and tax-deductible donations from  individuals.

The CTC sponsors various volunteer trail construction and maintenance programs throughout the year. One of the CTC’s largest volunteer events is CTC Spring BreakAway,  that involves college and university students doing volunteer work during their annual spring break. BreakAway is a part of a nationwide program that allows college and university students to engage in various types of worthy volunteer service.

Volunteers can adopt various sections of the trail and perform maintenance on their section. In addition to BreakAway, CTC hosts “Big Dig” a general volunteer trail building activity in the spring and fall.

The Cumberland Trails Conference office is located at 409 Thurman Ave, Suite 102 in Crossville, Tennessee 38555 and can be contacted at ctcoffice2014@gmail.com or 931-456-6259. In the event that the CTC office is closed, questions involving volunteer opportunities or needed information on hiking/camping issues can be obtained through our alternative e-mail at c.trail.info@gmail.com.

Please consider volunteering and becoming a member of the CTC. With your help, the project will be completed, creating a lasting legacy.

What is the Cumberland Trail?

The Cumberland Trail (CT) is a rugged, north-south, foot traffic only trail along the eastern edge of the Cumberland Plateau in Eastern Tennessee. When completed, the trail will be 300-plus miles long. As of 2018 over 210 miles are complete and part of the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail. The trail begins at Cumberland Gap National Park on the northern border of Tennessee/Kentucky. The southern end is the “Grand Canyon” of Tennessee at Signal Mountain overlooking the Tennessee River Gorge at Chattanooga. The Cumberland Trail was designated a State Scenic Trail in 1971, and a State Park in 1998. In September 2002 it was renamed the Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park. It has been recognized as the official Millennium Legacy Trail for Tennessee! The Cumberland trail is an integral part of the larger Great Eastern Trail.

What is the Cumberland Trails Conference?

The Cumberland Trails Conference (CTC) was formed in 1997, as an associate organization to Tennessee Trails Association (TTA). In January 2015 it became an independent organization. Our mission is to build a 300 mile hiking trail along the Cumberland Plateau from Kentucky to Georgia. The trail is intended to link numerous public lands including two National Parks and several State Parks in a continuous corridor of wilderness. Construction of the trail allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Cumberland Plateau while conserving natural resources and protecting upland water sheds. The Cumberland Trails Conference establishes a foundation of support by interconnecting local communities within the trail corridor to acquire land, build and promote the Cumberland Trail. CTC publishes a newsletter and hosts numerous opportunities for volunteers and civic groups to help with trail construction. The CTC is a non-profit organization funded by grants and donations.