Cumberland Trails Conference Mission Statement


The mission of the Cumberland Trails Conference is to serve as an advocate for the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Park (CTSSP) as a scenic foot trail, and to conserve natural resources and promote rational development within the counties surrounding it so as to preserve their natural beauty and intrinsic value for posterity.

In doing so, we work in these regions.

  • To provide trail construction assistance to the CTSSP as requested and to participate with government and non-government organizations in local communities in the construction and maintenance of both TDEC approved access trails to the CTSSP and other trails not having access to the CTSSP.
  • To provide financial and volunteer assistance to the CTSSP in support of its responsibility to acquire land, design, construct, and maintain the Cumberland Trail.
  • To promote the development, awareness, and utilization of the CTSSP as a scenic foot trail.
  • To develop and maintain standards for trail design, construction, and maintenance.
  • To promote the preservation of natural, cultural, and historical heritage.
  • To promote educational and recreational opportunities relative to the CTSSP and other trails.
  • To assist local communities in acquiring approvals from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) for trail access to the CTSSP.
  • To provide financial and volunteer assistance to local communities in the planning, land acquisition, and design of trails.