21 Years of BreakAway !

2016 represented the twenty-first year CTC has sponsored an Alternative Spring Break Program – also known as BreakAway.

Delaware students moving rocks for step over nr McGill Creek

University of Delaware students learn how to move 300 pound boulders to create a water crossing.

This year CTC hosted 164 college students for four weeks between March 6 and April 2nd.  Operating out of Camp Fort Bluff on Walden Ridge above Dayton, TN students were able to hike directly to the work area about 450 feet under the ridge line. Over ten work days, dodging intermittent rain showers, students and local volunteers completed the last 1.6 miles in the Graysville Section of the Cumberland Trail.

Waubonsee College puzzling rocks

Waubonsee students create a section of trail made of rocks in a process called “puzzling”. (Richie)

The Graysville work was completed a day ahead of schedule during week three.

Students then moved south to the area between Roaring Creek and McGill Creek building an additional 3,642 feet of trail in the last six days of BreakAway.

Hamilton College ASB 2016

Hamilton College students take a lunch break next to Roaring Creek near Dayton, TN 2016 (Richie)

ASB this year included universities from Florida, Delaware, Michigan, Boston, Kansas, NY, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Colorado.

Waubonsee College from Illinois pose on their new section of trail made out of huge rocks.

MSU Armor Edge armoring

Michigan State students work under the direction of a WagonMaster to “armor” the down hill edge of the trail.

MSU Move log

MSU Women’s Log Removal Team ! (Richie)

UoD Problem Solving, rock work

University of Delaware students engage in a little problem solving to build trail through a rocky area. (Richie)

Allegheny College LR

Allegheny College at the”End of Trail” sign marking the end of state owned land. (Richie)

U of Kansas students

University of Kansas and Colorado State University – Boulder drove cross country to dig trail in the Tennessee wilderness. Great thanks!

ASB 2016 Michigan State College (Richie)

ASB 2016 Indiana University, Pennsylvania students with WagonMasters Don and Ellen at left.(Deakins)

University of Colorado at Boulder ASB 2016 group photo

University of Colorado at Boulder take time for a group photo during a hike on their day off from ASB 2016. (Wilson)

Boston University Students at Week 4, 2016 BreakAway,

Boston University Students at Week 4,
2016 BreakAway, (Garrett)





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