Year 22 of BreakAway !

Over 160 college students from nine colleges in 13 states participated in the CTC Alternative Spring Break  (ASB) program in March this year.  Florida State, University of Delaware, Michigan State, Pitt, University of Kansas, Wartburg College (Iowa) and the university of Colorado (Boulder) sent students to work on the CT.

30 March 2017 ASB students in 47 degree water at Lower McGill Falls (Richie)

Work in the first two weeks completed the last 8,264 feet (1.56 mi or 12.52 furlongs) in the Graysville Segment heading north to the end of state property – about 200 feet short of TN 29. In

weeks two and three the focus was the south side of the McGill Creek Segment in Rhea County.  A steep, rocky area where the CTC paid crew had already built over 100 rock steps.

The pay off for the McGill Creek Segment was an opportunity for a swim break at beautiful McGill Creek Falls.

More photos below . . . .


Michigan State students work a steep slope under Eagle Bluff on the Graysville Segment. (Richie)

University of Delaware ASB 2017 (Deakins)


University of Colorado ASB 2017 (Wilson)

Boston University ASB 2017 with Lionel (in shadow) Charley and John Wiggington (Deakins)

Work on a steep side cut near McGill Creek, Week 4, ASB 2017 (Deakins)

CTC regular trail builder and Wagon Master, Savannah (left) with her student crew from Pitt. ASB 2017. (Deakins)


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