Alternative Spring Break on

The Cumberland Trail 2019

Just over 100 students joined us for four weeks of Alternative Spring Break this year.  Once again the base of operations was at Camp Ozone in Crab Orchard, TN.  In spite of heavy rains in April and threatening skies in March, few days were lost due to rain.

BreakAway for 2019 continued work on the link between Black Mountain and Ozone Falls in Cumberland County, Tennessee.  The six mile route runs along a strip of land acquired by the State in early 2017. The CT departs from the nature loop on top of Black Mountain and tracks roughly due East.  The first half mile was built during ASB 2009 and created a dead end. CTC professional crew returned to the area in 2017 and pushed another three quarters of a mile into the Sand Creek area. A few photos are posted below. For more images see our Facebook page HERE..

In 2018 the professional crew returned and ASB 2019 added another 9,000 feet reaching the Fall Creek gulf.Black Mountain to Ozone Falls SNA topo mapAlternative Spring Break 2019 Tally

In the four weeks of ASB students and local volunteers pushed another 9000 feet of trail were constructed. The new section is not open and is not continuous. Work picked up from the top of the steep climb out of Fall Creek and continued west for the first three weeks of March. Week four did the final grooming to the edge of the gulf.  During the last days of the week, the professional crew supervised students and WagonMaster volunteers as they  began building a full bench trail along a 53 percent side slope heading toward Ozone Falls. 

In addition to college students about 14 volunteers contributed time over the ASB period. This included two from New Jersey, one from Kentucky and one from Alabama.  Five volunteers traveled all the way from Clarksville, TN – three hours to the west – and stayed four days.  Great thanks to all who worked the trail and provided support services in camp and in the office.

Florida International student take a moment for picture next to the roaring water of Fall Creek near Ozone Falls Tennessee. ASB 2019. (Richie)


ASB 2019 students work final grooming in a relatively flat area on top of the Cumberland Plateau. (Richie)

In two years BreakAway students and the professional crew have completed just over five miles of trail between Black Mountain and Ozone Falls in Cumberland County.  The section is expected to open in 2020.
ASB 2019, University of Pittsburgh, Pitt

WagonMaster Mark Richie with University of Pittsburgh crew. Week Two ASB 2019 near Fall Creek, Ozone Falls.


Students make their way down the steep slope of Fall Creek after a long tail trail building. ASB 2019 (Richie)

ASB 2019 work area showing week 1 and 2 areas.


ASB 2019. A Pitt student celebrates victory over a particularly difficult root removal job. (Richie)

Larry, Charley, Danny, Shauna, Lionel and Brian on a break during Breakaway 2019. — with Lionel Senseney in Ozone, Tennessee.


A Ranger from CTSST gives a talk on the Elk population in Tennessee during a lunch break. Week 2, ASB 2019. (Richie)

University of Delaware crew poses with the Trail Boss, Shauna Wilson – front row in red. WagonMaster volunteers John and Charlie at far right.

WagonMaster and Cumberland County resident John Wiggington with a student from U of Delaware. ASB 2019 (Wilson)

U of Delaware ASB 2019 students stop for a photo. Image gives an idea of the steep slope they had to work on. (Wilson)



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