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News 2016

CT Passes 200 Milestone . . .

With the opening of the 7.3 mile Daddys Creek Section in November, the Cumberland Trail passed the 200 mile mark !

Make a Resolution ! Only 97 miles to go (more or less).  What better way to celebrate the 200 mile mark by resolving to hike 50 miles of the CT in 2017 and qualify for a 50 Miler Badge! 

News 2015

2015 End Of Year Score . . .

BreakAway Program: 50 students = 1,395 hours; local volunteers and Rangers = 672 hours. 3/4 mile of trail finished near Graysville.

Fall Big Dig add over 3 miles of trail in the Daddys Creek area with the help of 4 crew staff and 820 volunteer hours. Work continued in Daddy’s Creek with two more miles added.

Work began with Southern Crew on McGill Creek area.

3,612 total volunteer hours for the year.