When Dustin isn’t volunteering with the CTC he works as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in the Crossville area. He is an avid meditator and ordained Buddhist minister which has resulted in lots of time on silent retreat in nature.

Mark Hilling

I have always loved hiking and have greatly appreciated the time people put into creating incredible places for me to walk.  I feel that it is important that I be a giver sometimes and not just a taker of the efforts of others that do the trail work.
-Mark Hilling

Mark has been volunteering with CTC since 2016. He enjoys building trail and really likes the fact that he can come out and volunteer with our Trail Crew any day he wishes.

Mark enjoys his time in the outdoors and says it’s good for his soul and body. The friendships forged through volunteering with the crew and volunteers gives him a good sense of belonging. He encourages others to give trail building a try and says it’s only as hard as you make it. He also notes that the experience is very rewarding and people you meet are exceptional.

September 2022 Trailbuilding Cumberland Trail

Our Volunteers never cease to amaze us! The September Volunteer Days were extremely productive. These fine folks pulled 775 feet of duff and moved some really large rocks. We can’t thank them enough for coming out and sacrificing their time and energy to help move the CT closer to completion!

Four Seasons Garden Club, Dayton Tennessee

CTC Operations Coordinator Savana Keeton spoke at the Four Seasons Garden Club in Dayton, TN on Tuesday evening, September 13, 2022.

When:  Saturday, June 18 at 12:00 PM CDT
Where:  We will meet in the parking lot on top of Black Mountain. The physical address is 2000-3398 Black Mountain Rd, Crossville, TN 38555.

Join our Executive Director Mike Croley for a guided hike on the Cumberland Trail on Saturday, June 18th.

The hike will be at the beautiful Black Mountain Overlook trail with our variety of wildflowers, sweeping vistas, boulder fields, and uninterrupted views of the Tennessee River Valley.

This event is FREE for everyone!

Click here to register.


Bobs Trails Trees and Gardens
Bob Richards - Bob's Trails, Trees, and Gardens

Bob Richards – Bob’s Trails, Trees, and Gardens

Meet Bob Richards. He owns Bob’s Trails, Trees and Gardens. Bob is a long time supporter of the CTC and for our last volunteer event he pledged $1.00 for every foot of trail built. The volunteers built 775 feet and Bob rounded his gift to the CTC up to a cool $800.00!!!!

BUT WAIT! Bob isn’t stopping there. He is throwing in $200 to help feed volunteers for the next Volunteer Trail Building Event to be held June 10th & 11th!

AND HOLD THE PHONE!… Bob is once again committing to donate $1 for every foot of trail completed during the next volunteer event!

Bobs Trails Trees and Gardens

NOW Bob challenges YOU to join him!

WANNA BE LIKE BOB? You or your company can also pledge any amount of money per foot of trail built during volunteer events. Bob is pledging $1.00 per foot, but pledges of all sizes are gratefully accepted. (The CTC carefully tracks volunteer productivity so you can give confidently). Flat donations are also welcome.

Join Bob in challenging your friends, co-workers and hiking pals to match your gift.


lady slippers Cumberland Trail

Join Executive Director Mike Croley at the Black Mountain Loop Trailhead for this workshop to bring out the true capabilities of today’s impressive smartphone cameras!

Please bring your own smartphone (this is meant for both iPhones and Android devices).

Suggested Donation: $5 per person
Please Register Before the Event.
Limit: 15 participants

All donations directly benefit the construction and ongoing maintenance of the Cumberland

Physical Address of Trailhead: 2000-3398 Black Mountain Rd, Crossville, TN 38555
Meet in the Parking Lot at the top of Black Mountain at 12 pm Central

Today’s smartphones have cameras with capabilities far exceeding what anyone would have imagined a decade ago. With movies being shot on iPhones to professional photographers capturing their own impressive work using these tiny marvels, the power of these all-in-one devices is astounding.

We all use “Auto” mode but join Mike Croley at this workshop to learn about more detailed settings, framing, using the “Pro” mode, and the tips and tricks to truly unleash the ability of your smartphone.

All set at the beautiful Black Mountain Overlook trail with our variety of wildflowers, sweeping vistas, boulder fields, and uninterrupted views of the Tennessee River Valley – there will be no shortage of moments to capture.

Some Things to Keep in Mind:
–Wear appropriate shoes for hiking.
–Dress for the weather/temperature.
–Bring extra water (and snacks if needed).
**Any questions feel free to contact us at 931-456-6259 or ctcoffice2014@gmail.com

Our April trailbuilding exercise was attended and documented by the popular blogger – Exploring Chattanooga.

Have a read and see what fun it is to build trail with the Cumberland Trails Conference.

And there’s video!

Our April 8th & 9th Volunteer Event was a HUGE success!
With the help of our volunteers, 700 feet of hand built trail was constructed. THANKS to all who came out!!!!

Tennessee's WildSide

Tennessee’s WildSide TV made a video featuring Cumberland Trail Building.

Visit their website here or just watch the video below.