Savana Keeton

Cumberland Trails Conference names new executive director

Savana Keeton

Savana Keeton, Executive Director

The Cumberland Trails Conference has named Savana Keeton as its executive director. She will lead the CTC in its mission to complete the 300-mile-long Cumberland Trail, which when complete will have over 45 miles of hiking trail in Hamilton County.

Ms. Keeton is a seasoned trail builder who worked on the CTC crew beginning in 2016 while also completing a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Science at Tennessee Tech. During her time on the trail crew she helped to carve out over 50 miles of the Cumberland Trail footpath. In January 2022 she took on the role of CTC office assistant; that role expanded to operations coordinator later in the year. Her intimate understanding of the many components of building a hiking trail make her ideally equipped to excel in her new role.

“I look forward to this new venture and to the opportunity to continue raising awareness of the CTC and the trail we’re building. Community engagement is key to success in bringing the Cumberland Trail to completion,” Ms. Keeton stated.

The Cumberland Trail is a recreational asset that will connect Hamilton County and ten other counties to form Tennessee’s Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail, the state’s first linear state park. Volunteers from the Chattanooga area have been important contributors to the work of building the footpath. Volunteer events take place monthly and community members are encouraged to participate. Contact Savana Keeton at 931-456-6259, email Savana at, or visit the Cumberland Trails Conference Facebook page.