As of 2016, the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail is assuming more responsibility for maintaining the trail.  Volunteers can sign up for Trail Maintainer I training through the Cumberland trail State Scenic Trail and work with local organizations to adopt a trail segment.

Information about groups that have adopted trail in the past has been transferred to the CTSST Park office.  The CTC appreciates all the work done by the groups listed below in the past.  We are confident that the new arrangement will result in more consistent and a higher quality of trail maintenance.
For more information about adopting or becoming a volunteer trail maintainer email CTSST at: .
Current Trail Maintainer training sessions can be found here:
Adoptees are individuals or organizations who have committed to assist in the maintenance of a particular portion of a trail.
We appreciate these people and groups who are helping to keep the Cumberland Trail in tip-top condition!
  • Cumberland Mountain Segment – Tank Spring Trailhead to Bruce Gap Trailhead
    • Eagle Bluff Trail – Tank Spring to Devil’s Racetrack – Boy Scout Troop 622 (Cumberland Ditransitional) of LaFollette, since ’97, Jeffery Riggs
    • Bruce Gap to Devil’s Racetrack – Jerry & Sharon Phillips of Jacksboro, since ’03
    • Volunteer Loop – Cove Lake Chapter of TTA, since ’02
  • New River Segment – Bruce Gap trailhead to New River
    • Bruce Gap trailhead to Red Ash Bridge – Ed & Faith Dippold
    • Bruce Gap to Red Ash Bridge – Pack 623, Webelos Den 3, Rick Stogdill
    • Red Ash Bridge to top of Cross Mtn. – Troop 131 of Clinton, Paul Gore
    • Top of Cross Mountain to Bruce Ridge – Richard Helm of Caryville, since ’01
    • Big Bruce Ridge to #10 Coal Rd – Michael Anthony #10 Coal Rd to Montgomery Fork, including campsite
    • Montgomery Fork to Green’s Branch – Open for adoption
    • Green’s Branch to New River – Open for adoption
    • Smoky Creek to the ridge of Arch Mountain – Hal Hoyt of Oak Ridge Unitarian Church-Adventure Group
  • Frozen Head Segment

    • Frozen Head Segment – James Conley, Neal Richardson, and Mike Taylor
    • Frozen Head Connector Trail – Volley Ball court to Ross Gap – Tim Carroll, Cub Scout Pack 328
  • Obed Wild and Scenic River Segment – Devil’s Breakfast Table to Nemo Bridge
    • Devils Breakfast Table Trailhead to the Rain House – John Bilbrey of Kingston, since ’98
    • Rain House to Turkey Creek Bridge – Open for adoption
    • Turkey Creek Bridge to BreakAway Bluff Obed Overlook – Kirk & Sherrill Wilson, since ’02
    • BreakAway Bluff to Alley Ford – Geography Graduate Students of UT-Del Scruggs, since ’98
    • BreakAway Bluff to Alley Ford – Leroy Leonard of Knoxville
    • Nemo Bridge Trail to Alley Ford – Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning, since ’98, led by Jimmy Groton
    • Obed section to Alley Ford – Fran Wallis
    • Grassy Cove Segment – Jewett Road to Black Mountain Trailhead
    • Black Mountain Loop Trail – Cheryl Heckler, TTA Plateau Chapter
    • New Black Mountain trail to Windless Cave – Pam Griffin, Boy Scout Troop 271
    • Brady Mountain Trail, Hwy 68 to Jewett Road – Open for adoption
  • Stinging Fork Segment
    • Stinging Fork Segment – Red Young
  • Piney River Segment – Trailhead on Shut-In Gap Road to Newby Branch Forest Camp
    • Shut-In Gap Road Trailhead to Newby Branch Forest Camp – Mary & Luke Myers, and Clarence Walker
    • Piney River Segment – Nils Stengel, and David Beckler
  • Laurel-Snow Segment
    • Entire Laurel-Snow Segment – Nashville Hiking Meet-Up
  • Rock Creek Segment
    • Lower Leggett Trailhead to Retro Hughes Trailhead – Brandy Selman and Jan Agee
  • Possum Creek Segment – Retro Hughes Road to Heiss Mountain Road
    • Heiss Mtn. Rd. Trailhead to Big Possum Creek – Caroline Woerner of Signal Mt., since ’03, Soddy Daisy Chapter
    • Big Possum Creek to Little Possum Creek – Pete Wotowiec – Scout Troop
    • Little Possum Creek to Imodium Falls – Ed Swanner – Soddy Daisy Chapter
    • Imodium Falls to Concrete Bridge – Pete Wotowiec and Chris Concrete
    • Bridge to Retro Hughes Road – Bobby Newsom, Boodie Fox, Boodie Fox, and Gary Selcer
  • Soddy Creek Segment – Mowbray Rd. to Hwy 111 plus Hotwater Rd. Connector Trail
    • Mowbray Rd trailhead to connector trail + connector trail – Mark Roeser
    • Sluder Lane trailhead to main trailhead to Hotwater Rd crossing – Don & Carol Deakins
    • Hotwater Road to Deep Creek – Soddy Daisy Chapter, Bob McGavock, Brandy M. Selman, Nancy Jo Ogozalek, Teresa & Mark Jordan, Earl Helmer,Jane & Ed Ellett, Bob DeHart, George Bonneau, and Janice L. Agee
    • Deep Creek to 3 Bridges section in Board Camp – T. C. and Judy Varner
    • TN HWY 111 road walk to the first of three bridges in Board Camp – St. Andrew’s Sewanee School, Sewanee, TN
  • North Chickamauga Segment

    • North Chickamauga Segment – Johnny Sullivan, Missy, Scott, Sarah & Thomas McDonald, Mike & Erin Jaynes
  • Tennessee River Gorge Segment – Signal Point to Hwy 27
    • Signal Point to Edwards Point – David Ayers of Georgia, since ’99
    • Edwards Point to the suspension bridge over N. Suck Creek – Tennessee River Gorge Trust, since ’96, & Bob Crawford of Hixon, since ’01
    • North Suck Creek to Hwy 27 – Gregg Baird

For more information about adopting or becoming a volunteer trail maintainer email CTSST at:


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