We Need Volunteers!

Volunteer to help build trails

You can volunteer anytime to help us build trails.
Our regular trail crews love company . . . and help. Normally they work Monday through Friday starting at 7:00 AM Central Time.   

Contact the CTC with this email: volunteeratctc@gmail.com  There are still 60 miles to build and the CTC can use help both on the trail and in the office. Don’t know how to build trail? We can train and provide tools !

Contact the office to get directions and location details.  Call 931-456-6259 or volunteeratctc@gmail.com

Volunteer Time Sheets Available:

Keeping a record of all volunteer hours is important for funding grant applications.  Click HERE to print out form and keep track of your monthly volunteer hours. Mail or scan and email to the CTC office at CTCoffice2014@gmail.com.

Alternate Spring Break / BreakAway 2020

2020 BreakAway is March 1 to April 4 at Head of the Sequatchie, TN.

BreakAway / Alternative Spring Break for 2020 is our 25th year hosting college students from all over the United States to extend the CT.  Set aside some time in March to work with over 150 college students on the trail !  To confirm your participation and get further information contact the CTC Office 931-456-6259 or ctcoffice2014@gmail.com.

Hiking clubs and local civic / social groups are encouraged to volunteer as well.  We need to know what days (or weeks) you will be volunteering so we can arrange for accommodations and meals.

We also need “Camp Dads” and “Camp Moms” to help with registration on Sunday and meal preparation.  Even if you can’t work on the trail, there is plenty of support work to do !

150+ students will be with us throughout the month of March.  Students / Volunteers arrive Sunday.  Sunday evening after dinner is an orientation followed by a briefing for WagonMasters and local volunteers.  Students work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  Work continues Wednesday with paid crew and local volunteers!  Housing available for area volunteers.

Students ! For details and what to bring check here:

Click and Learn more about BreakAway.

ASB Base Camp Location 2020 –

Base camp will be at the Head of the Sequatchie.

Base Camp is in CENTRAL TIME

Directions can be found HERE

Email for more information ctcoffice2014@gmail.com or call the office at (931)456-6259

Trail Building and Design Classes 2020 – To Be Announced

The Cumberland Trails Conference continues sponsorship of classes on trail design and construction.  Dates will be posted in the NEWS section.

Introduction to Trail Building class runs 9 to 2 CT. Participants learn the full range of trail building from clearing duff and grubbing bushes to finished trail.  Each technique is carefully demonstrated by Master Trail Builders before students get a chance to put their new skills to work.

Introduction to Trail Building covers tool safety, construction of a full bench trail, a review of the “half-rule”, the importance of good back slopes and why good construction techniques mean fewer maintenance problems in the future.

Introduction to Trail Construction class makes use of design work from the previous class to teach fundamentals of trail construction. There is no cost for these classes, but class size is limited.

Classes are hands-on, in the woods activity working a real section of trail.  Design students learn about the behavior of water on a trail, the “half-rule,” how to “read” land forms, standards for turns and switchbacks, trail construction standards, terminology, how to use a clineometer and MUCH more.

You will never look at trail the same way again . . .

The classes are free but registration is required.  Tools are provided.  Participants need to bring lunch, water, gloves, sturdy shoes and bug spray. Design students should bring a notebook. 

Contact the Cumberland Trails Conference for registration and directions when dates are announced, ctcoffice2014@gmail.com or 931 456 6259.