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Construction photos and maps below.

Ozone Falls State Natural Area: The intention is to make Ozone Falls State Natural Area an integral part of the CT and the Northern terminus of the Grassy Cove Segment.  Meanwhile this 110′ waterfall can be found approximately  four miles east of the Crab Orchard exit of I-40 ( X 329) on State Route 70.

There is ample parking and a short walk to the top of the falls.  A rocky, 800 foot trail takes the adventurous to the bottom – about  8 minutes down and 15 minutes back up.

Trail construction from Black Mountain south to Ozone Falls was in progress as of October 2016 with an expected opening early 2020.  When complete, the hike from Black Mountain to Ozone will be approximately six miles.  The next Segment north of Ozone Falls is the Crab Orchard Mountain Segment. For the foreseeable future, thru hikers will need to road walk about 8.4 miles between Black Mountain and the southern trailhead of the Daddys Creek Section on Hebbertsburg Road.

In 2019 progress was made on acquiring the Lone Star property north of I40.  This 6,600 acre tract will allow the CT to link the Hebbertsburg Road Trailhead with Ozone Falls, eliminating the 8.5 mile road walk. Details HERE.

Black Mountain to Ozone Falls Planning Map 2017.

Be aware that this segment is in Central Time.

Ozone Falls:

Map for Ozone Falls hiking courtesy of Don Deakins.

This Area Below Under Construction –

Trail Work Sign


Ozone Falls Section (NOT YET OPEN)

Distance: 6 miles (estimate) one way. Trail is described south to north.
Difficulty: Strenuous
Elevation Change: ______ feet
Cautions: ____________________________________
Camping:  No camping on this Section

Topographic Map: Grassy Cove Quadrangle, Ozone Quadrangle
Trailheads: Ozone Falls SNA at US RT 70  (El. 1,637′  N35 52′ 52.96″ W84 48″ 37.10″)  (El. 1,590 at bottom of falls)
Black Mountain (N35 52.079 W84 53.266, trailhead kiosk)  (El. 2,711′  N35 52.084 W84 53.253, trailhead parking)

Connection North Bound: Road walk 8.5 miles to Daddy’s Creek Section, Crab Orchard Mountain Segment.

Connection South Bound: at Black Mountain Trailhead

Official CT State Scenic Trail map HERE.


Under development. Point by point description goes here.

Progress images below.

ASB 2019 work area showing week 1 and 2 areas.

Rocks and Roots and Rocks and Roots . . . IUP students work a difficult section as the trail descends into Basin Branch, Ozone Section during Week Two, ASB 2018. (Wilson)

ASB 2019, University of Pittsburgh, Pitt

Wagon Master Mark Richie with University of Pittsburg, 2018, Ozone Falls Section. (Wilson)

Finished trail on 42 percent side slope above Fall Creek. Ozone Section nears completion October 2019. (Wilson)



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