Distance:  to McGill Creek from Roaring Creek Trailhead, approximately 2.4 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Change: Approximately 400′
Caution:  trail not open past McGill Creek bridge
Camping:  none in this section
Topographic Map: Brayton Quadrangle

Southern Terminus: Not  available. Planned for Leggett Road / Downey View Drive Trailhead,  TBD (N35 W85 xx,xxx) Not open, not accessible.

Northern Terminus: Roaring Creek Trailhead, on Brayton Road. El. 882′ (N35 27 28.51   W85 06 20.49)

Overview:  As of April 2017 trail was finished and blazed south to McGill Creek only. An aluminum modular bridge across McGill Creek was started December 2017. Decking was installed in July 2018.  Unofficial distance from the northern trailhead to McGill creek is 2.4 miles.

Trailheads: Northern trailhead is on south side of highway bridge over Roaring Creek next to the parking area for the Graysville Mountain RMA Section on Brayton Road west of Graysville. McGill Creek Section starts from behind the Kiosk on the left of the parking area.

McGill Creek bridge 2018

McGill Creek Bridge looking south. Trail not open beyond this point. (Wilson)

Northern trailhead parking is also the southern trailhead for the Graysville Mountain Section.

Description:  This Section is IN and OUT only. Trail beyond McGill Creek is under construction and there is no access to the Southern Terminus. A point by point description is in progress.

Briefly, begin the hike from the Brayton Road / Roaring Creek Trailhead from behind the kiosk in the parking area. Make a short road walk over the bridge and return to the trail in the woods.  The trail winds around through two drainages and good example of rock work and steps built by the CTC professional crew. The trail ascends on an old logging road and turns south. At approximately One Mile the trail crosses Brayton Mountain Road.

View south bound where trail crosses Brayton Mountain Road. There is space for one or two cars art this crossing. Watch traffic. (Deakins)

Watch traffic crossing the road. The remaining 1.4 miles is a combination of new trail and old logging roads. Watch for blazes marking sharp turns off the logging road at about mile 2.1 (from the TH), the trail descends into low land near the creek. Follow up stream, step over a small drainage to the bridge.

McGill Creek Falls. (Stephens)

Beyond the bridge the trail is not open and there is no connection to Leggett Road. Turn back and enjoy the hike back tp Roaring Creek TH.

Step work near McGill Creek 2016 (Wilson)


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