Some of the rough ground encountered in a all hand built section found between McGinnis Creek and Devil’s Breakfast Table. (Bernsten)

Trail Link to Ozone . . . . Brady Mt. Thru Hike Again . . . .ASB 2020 . . . Daddys Creek Progress

A critical gap in the Cumberland Trail may be eliminated in the near future. Efforts are underway to acquire a  4,500 acre tract of land on the north side of the Crab Orchard Gap in Cumberland County known as the Lone Star property.  Acquisition will allow the trail to be routed up and over a mountain ridge and emerge close to Ozone Falls SNA.
Tony Hook, former CTC Trail Manager, waits while tools are collected at the end of ASB 2010. (Photo Richie)Mark Richie

Tony Hook Passes Away, Former CTC Trail Manager

Tony Hook, former CTC Trail Manager, passed away on Sunday, September 29, 2019 after a long bout with cancer. He was 56. Tony started with the CTC in the mid 1990’s as a volunteer. Later he gave up his career manufacturing process engineering to become full time Trail Manager for the CTC, a position he held until 2014. Known for his passion and focus on making the Cumberland Trail a premiere hiking experience, Tony brought his organizing talents to bear, expanding the yearly BreakAway program and successfully bring numerous construction grants to the Cumberland Trail.

Remembering Sam Powell . . . . BreakAway Volunteers Wanted . . . . Trail Building Jobs . . . .

Sam H. Powell, 86, of Signal Mountain, devoted his whole life to building hiking trails, conservation and improvement of the environment, died on February 8, 2019. Sam was a founding member of the Cumberland Trail, which runs from Signal Mountain 300 miles across the state to Cumberland Gap. This trail continues to grow with additional parts that spin off to connect various parks. In addition, he was chairman of the Cumberland Trail Conference, and was a founding member and longtime director of the Tennessee River Gorge Trust.
Modular bridge in Laurel-Snow SNA. (Deakins)Don Deakins

New Year 2019 !

HIGHLIGHTS – New Soak Creek Section . . . BreakAway Registration . . . Laurel-Snow Bridge  . . .  Build a Foot of Trail for $4 !  . . . Former WagonMasters and new Local Volunteers for BreakAway Welcome . . ! . . . Kudos for the Crew  . . . The Falls Segment Gets Its First Section
Stack Rock (Ron Shrieves)Ron Shrieves

Volunteer On The CT

Volunteer on July 14 !  . . . . . . Multiple Trail Building opportunities !   . . . . . . . .  Hike Safe This Summer . . . . . . . Take A Map . . . The CTC and CTSST difference is ?
Soak Creek Planning Map

News 2018

Alternative Spring Break 2018 Tally In the four weeks of ASB this year 1.9 miles of trail were constructed between Black  Mountain and Ozone Falls, leaving about four more to go. The new section is not open and is not continuous. Work picked up from end of trail off East side of Black Mountain on Week One. By Week Three, the approach to the work site had shifted to an old access road off Renegade Mountain.
Florida International University students working on the deLozier Branch Section off Hebbertsburg Road, 2016 (Richie)

News 2016

CT Passes 200 Milestone . . . With the opening of the 7.3 mile Daddys Creek Section in November, the Cumberland Trail passed the 200 mile mark ! Make a Resolution ! Only 97 miles to go (more or less).  What better way to celebrate the 200 mile mark by resolving to hike 50 miles of the CT in 2017 and qualify for a 50 Miler Badge! 
Big Soddy Bridge Opens November 2015 (photo Shauna Wilson)Shauna Wilson

News 2015

2015 End Of Year Score . . . BreakAway Program: 50 students = 1,395 hours; local volunteers and Rangers = 672 hours. 3/4 mile of trail finished near Graysville. Fall Big Dig add over 3 miles of trail in the Daddys Creek area with the help of 4 crew staff and 820 volunteer hours. Work continued in Daddy’s Creek with two more miles added. Work began with Southern Crew on McGill Creek area. 3,612 total volunteer hours for the year.