Obed Wild and Scenic River Segment

Distance:  6.3 miles
Difficulty:  Moderate Plus
Elevation Change:  300 feet gain and loss (estimate)Trail Work Sign
Cautions:  Florescent Orange, high visibility clothing required in this area.
Camping:  under construction. A primitive site will be available south of McGinnis Branch in Keyes-Harrison WMA.

No back country camping is permitted in Catoosa WMA

Topographic Maps:  Hebbertsburg and Lancing Quadrangles

Northern Terminus:  Daddy’s Creek Trailhead on Firetower Road at Devil’s Breakfast Table (El. 1,266′ N36°03.523 W84°47.548) (Trailhead is on border with Central and Eastern Time Zones)
Southern Terminus:  Peavine Road near Antioch Bridge. (El. 1642′ 36.°00′ 2.75″W 84°49’30.31W)


As of Summer 2019, the trail is marked with signage and white tree blazes for about 2.5 miles south from Devil’s Breakfast Table and 2.2 miles north from Peavine Road.  This section is roughly six miles from Peavine Road north to Devil’s Breakfast Table crossing Keyes-Harrison Wildlife Management Area.

The Northern terminus of this Section connects to the Southern terminus of the Obed River Wild and Scenic River Segment on Firetower Road at Devil’s Breakfast Table (N36°03.523 W84°47.548).

Time Travel Alert: Be aware that the northern trailhead is on the boundary with Eastern Time Zone at Devil’s Breakfast Table. Hikers relying on cell phones are libel to pick up signals from towers in both time zones. Carry a conventional watch.

Hikers Caution

Observe hunting calendar before hiking in Catoosa WMA. According to the 2016-2017 TWRA Hunting Guide, page 56, Catoosa WMA is now open year-round for through hiking on the Cumberland Trail. This is a significant change from previous policy. However, hikers may not drive into the Catoosa WMA during hunting days. Access on hunting days is only by the current trailhead at Nemo Bridge.

Hikers must wear florescent clothing to maintain visibility to hunters in the area during hunting seasons.

Hunting Seasons: In general, hunting dates follow this schedule: Mid-October through December various long weekends (Fri – Sun) February and March for all users (roads are gated, not allowing motorized vehicles). And April to first week of May, on most days. Hikers may NOT drive into Devil’s Breakfast Table trailhead during any hunting day.

For specific hunting dates in Catoosa WMA, contact the Region III WMA Office at 1-800-262-6704. or down load the Hunters guide from the TWRA web site HERE.

Hikers ascend 273 steps through the”stone door” about 1.2 miles south of the Devil’s Breakfast Table trailhead in Catoosa WMA. Click for larger image. (Richie)

Hikers ascend 273 steps through the”stone door” about 1.2 miles south of the Devil’s Breakfast Table trailhead in Catoosa WMA. Click for larger image. (Richie)

Point by Point Description:

South to North description goes here. Under development.

Cross the bridge from the parking area. Trail enters road about 100 feet on left. A nice 2.4 mile in and out hike from DBT takes hikers up 273 steps in the shadow of a stone door monolith. A few hundred feet past the top on the left is a short trail to an overlook into Daddys Creek.


The Devil’s Breakfast Table Trailhead represents the Southern terminus of the Obed Wild and Scenic River Segment. It is the Northern terminus of the Crab Orchard Mountain Segment.

As a reminder, as of 2019, the CT is divided into 12 SEGMENTS. There are 25 SECTIONS. Each segment may have several  or the segment may stand alone. Please explore the trail segment menu.

The northern end of this Section can be reached by entering the Catoosa WMA on Firetower Road. Take I-40 Exit 322, go north on Peavine Road/101 North for 1.8 miles to Firetower Road. Turn left on Firetower Road where you will see the high voltage power lines on your left. Firetower Road is a paved road for 3.5 miles and then becomes packed gravel when you approach the Catoosa WMA entry. The main roads in the Catoosa are graveled but suitable for passenger cars. Proceed another 11 miles after entering the WMA to Daddys Creek and the Devil’s Breakfast Table. (Note: Fire Tower Road turns into Otter Creek Road shortly after entering Catoosa WMA). Cross a sturdy 120-foot one-lane bridge with wood decking and no guardrails over Daddys Creek. Graveled parking is on the right with room for about a dozen vehicles at Devil’s Breakfast Table trailhead. (Note: Fire Tower/Otter Creek Road becomes Hebbertsburg Road after crossing the bridge over Daddys Creek.)

Devil’s Breakfast Table trailhead can also be reached from I-40 Exit 329 in Crab Orchard. Take I-40 Exit 329, go north. Cross TN 70 and a railroad. Turn left at the gas station on Main Street. Proceed three streets to Hebbertsburg Road. Turn right. Drive 5.3 miles north to a T intersection and a stop sign. (Note the Daddys Creek trail head sign on the left at about 3 miles.)

Don Eppelheimer of Fairfield Glade takes the over look of Daddys Creek about 1.2 miles south of Devil's Breakfast Table in Catoosa WMA - Mark Richie

Don Eppelheimer of Fairfield Glade takes the over look of Daddys Creek about 1.2 miles south of Devil’s Breakfast Table in Catoosa WMA – Mark Richie

Turn right at the T intersection onto Peavine road. Antioch Cemetery is on the left. Proceed .4 miles on Peavine Road to a fork on the road. Take the left fork. Proceed .6 miles and take the left fork again. Continue another .6 miles on an asphalt road. Enter Catoosa Wildlife Management Area and the road becomes packed gravel. In 3.4 miles arrive at the first intersection and turn left. Proceed 2.6 miles to Daddys Creek. Just before the bridge is a parking area on the left.

Devils Breakfast Table Trailhead. Trailhead for the Obed Wild and Scenic River Segment is about 200 feet up the gravel road east of Daddys Creek bridge on the left. The trail with two big boulders across from the parking area is not the CT. This area is also popular with people swimming and fishing during the summer months.

The southern trailhead – 36.000824, –84.825522

The Southern terminus can be reached from Exit 322 on I-40.

Take Peavine Road north toward Fairfield Glade. Travel 6 miles to a four way stop in the middle of Fairfield Glade. The trailhead is exactly 4 miles from the four way stop. Park on the right side of the road across from the trailhead. Cross the road and follow the winding trail. After 1.3 miles the trail crosses an old gravel logging road and after 2.2 miles you reach the wooden bridge over McGinnis Creek. Trail not open beyond this point.

Point by point description – coming soon