Three Gorges Segment Overview

Soddy, Possum, and Rock Creeks flowing east have gouged deep gorges in the eastern wall of the Cumberland Plateau.  The Three Gorges Segment consists of trail that dip through these three gorges.

The land occupied by the entire Three Gorges Segment of the Cumberland Trail was once the property of the Bowater Paper Company, with the upland flats utilized as pine tree farms.  The periodic harvest of these farms was used primarily in their pulp mill located in Calhoun, TN.

When Bowater made the decision to divest themselves of these lands, the CTC launched a trail route investigation, and subsequently the trail lands were purchased by a partnership of the CTC and the State of Tennessee and became part of the Cumberland Trail State Park

Three Gorges Sections

Backcountry Camping
There are no shelters on the CT. Overnight camping in designated ares only. Click here for camping permit information.

Three Gorges Segment Map

Soddy Gorge Map up dated 2018. Courtesy Don Deakins.